Lucky – In Memoriam 5/10/2014

This day – today – I am in double sadness because it is the anniversary of our dear canine companion, Lucky, who passed away of a heart attack, day before Mother’s Day four years ago. I had just started my Twitter account, and paid tribute to him there, but that’s really not enough to show my deep gratitude to Lucky – not nearly!

The additional sadness is loss of our cat Bodhi very recently, who had to be euthanized April 3rd. I started to write a post for him, but didn’t finish. The hurt is so raw, and I am in the midst of grieving… I cannot bring myself to write about all that I loved about my sweet baby Bodhi. Not just yet, but I will write a beautiful tribute for him and post it here on my blog. Bodhi’s story is unusual and very colorful… But I do have our other beloved kitties to take care of, a house to clean, a husband to feed, etc. Many chores that never seem to get done! But sometimes you just have to stop and reflect on what you feel at the time. Each day comes and goes so quickly. One moment your beloved pet is laying at your feet, nuzzling your hand with his wet nose, the next he’s laying dead down the hall. It was such a shock, and there’s no way I was prepared. It was just after midnight, so we had to wait until morning. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night.

My husband was out of work at the time, so we couldn’t pay to have Lucky cremated and placed in a decorative urn. So his body had to be taken to San Jose Animal Care Center for a “communal cremation”. I’m surprised that I didn’t just “lose it” with this family tragedy, but somehow I kept it together, and we even went to our Mother’s Day celebration at my sister-in-laws house. I am notorious for having a “delayed reaction” to very upsetting events, so I must’ve been in a daze, or denial the whole day long. It took awhile to really sink in that our rescue dog Lucky was gone. All that was left was his collar and pictures to remember him by. His brother, Chance, whom I did write about in a more timely manner (see post, “Chancey Baby – In Memoriam” ) has an attractive urn which is displayed with others from our pets who have lived and loved with us, in our cabinet in the living room. But these “displays” are for our human need to have something of them to cling to. Our pets don’t have any such “needs”. They are beyond that, and when they pass on and cross that veil, they are welcomed into a heavenly domain called “Rainbow Bridge”, where they live in eternal bliss and contentment. And just like with the poem, “Footprints”, the poet who wrote the following is unknown. It is one of the most beautiful and moving poems I have ever read, and always brings tears to my eyes:

There is another version on my other “memoriam” post for Chance, so please enjoy both. I cannot find that perfect picture of Lucky, and I really need to post this now, so I will have to include in a follow-up. Like his brother, he gave unconditional love and affection throughout his life, and I cherished every moment spent with my adorable Lucky! He is romping through the meadows with Chance, deliriously happy and free at Rainbow Bridge. As I said before, there’s no pain, no disease or disability in this beautiful field of eternity, only happiness and contentment. Lucky is in God’s forever care and at peace. Bless you, my brown-eyed beloved!

Chancey Baby – In Memoriam

Last Friday, I posted my thoughts and feelings about the loss of my faithful companion, our beloved Chance. I don’t think I did him justice, with my ranting about the unfortunate timing. I loved him with all my heart, and that bittersweet, intense devotional love wasn’t there in my message. Please forgive me. I work from home, so I am constantly reminded of his not being here.

Do you know what that’s like? All those years of having our beautiful boy ready, willing and eager to be with us. Simply being around us made him happy, whatever we were doing, watching TV, getting dinner in the kitchen, working at the computer. And then, he’s gone. And the house is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. I complained about his barking before, and longed for peace and quiet. Well, I have plenty of that now. Be careful what you wish for…

Chance would lay right by the desk. He would be here with me now. Sometimes he’d try to get under the desk, but he was too big to fit there! I’d look at him and he’d be so happy, looking up at me with his big brown eyes. Oh my God, Chance’s eyes were filled with such unconditional love and devotion… Eyes really are the windows to the soul – that’s not just an expression. Chance lived his love and affection with gusto throughout his life.

When my husband and I came home from dinner that first night, and didn’t hear Chance barking, we were so sad and it seemed strange. We might as well have been in someone else’s home. Such a weird feeling. Chance always greeted us with a smile and a wag, and many times he howled like a wolf – Awooo! Auwooo!! He would lick my hands, my face, ’cause that’s how dogs kiss us… arggh – doggie slobber! Our baby was ecstatic every time we came home… We joked about how it always seemed to him like we were gone forever, even if it was just a couple of hours. Ah yes, guess that’s how it is with dogs. 🙂

Here’s some pics of our baby. Oh boy, did he look forward to his walks!

Jacqueline 049

We replaced the collar with a harness, which he liked much better! Since he and his brother Lucky were rescued from abuse and neglect, Chance had abandonment issues when he came to us. They were never really socialized, so we couldn’t take our dogs to the park, like other pet parents. All we could do was walk them around the neighborhood. Chance used to pull on his leash, and it was all I could do to keep up with him! I’d say, “Here’s Chance, sporting the latest in canine high fashion. You look so handsome in your halter top!” He walked proudly and many times ran along the sidewalk (keeping off our neighbor’s lawns), the wind in his face… I didn’t really want to “control” him. I’m glad now that he ran as free as he could — while he still could. Arthritis and hip dysplasia brought him down physically, but never quashed his spirit…

Chance is romping about healthy, happy and whole with his pal Lucky at a place in the celestial realm called “Rainbow Bridge”, where our beloved pets go when they die. There’s no pain, no disease or disability in this beautiful field of eternity, only happiness and contentment. He is in God’s hands and at peace. Bless you, my brown-eyed beloved.

Jacqueline 052

Francis Friday: Welcoming the Pope!

Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time! I could hardly believe my ears when I tuned in to the 5:00 news (which I seldom watch, as most news is negative) on Tuesday, to discover that His Holiness had just stepped off the plane a few hours before in Washington, D.C. What an auspicious occasion for President Obama, Michelle Obama and their daughters to meet and greet the Pope! One cardinal on the plane joked about trading his “zucchetto” with the Pope’s, and I had no idea what he meant. So I looked up that word on Wikipedia, and found out it’s the skull cap worn by high officials in the Roman Catholic Church. Apparently, Pope Francis had a difficult time keeping his zucchetto on, as it was very windy and it kept blowing off. 🙂 Cardinals wear a scarlet red zucchetto, and the white is exclusively reserved for the Bishop of Rome (other name for Pope).

From Wikipedia: The zucchetto originated as the Greek pilos and is related to the beret (which itself was originally a large zucchetto). It was adopted circa the Early Middle Ages, if not earlier, to keep clerics’ heads warm. Its name derives from its resemblance to half a pumpkin. Its appearance is almost identical to the Jewish kippah (yarmulke), though its significance is quite different.[4][5]

I think it’s great that Pope Francis is referred to as “The People’s Pope”, and reminds me of Princess Diana (Queen of People’s Hearts). His approval rating in our country is close to 90% and he’s venturing into areas of discussion and debate that most Popes have never considered before. Pope Francis is humble, modest, charming, merciful and accessible, which the public loves! Although I’m not a Roman Catholic, I am certainly grateful for what Pope Francis represents, which is the Unconditional Love of Christ, mercy, forgiveness and charity. His generosity is clearly evident in his behavior toward the “common people”.

Pope Francis even embraced a handicapped man who had a disfigured face. This picture brings tears to my eyes, as an example of genuine compassion. Reminds me of Princess Diana and her volunteer work with lepers in the hospital:

Our Pope is living up to the legacy of St. Francis of Assisi, as he’s stated that He’s very proud to be named after this compassionate saint, who loved ALL of God’s creatures, and was a champion of the poor and destitute. The Pope is building bridges and healing wounds on a grand scale, such as the work he’s been doing in Cuba.

I’m very encouraged by Pope Francis’s “Encyclical Letter”. What a tremendous Wake Up Call about despoiling the environment and exploitation/abuse of wildlife, careless disregard of the sacredness of biodiversity. Hunting God’s creatures to extinction is an abomination and a SIN against Nature, when we should consider them our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. That belief comes across very strongly in Pope Francis’s Chapter IV and pays tribute to St. Francis with Verse 87 which is the Canticle of the Sun, St. Francis’s heartwarming hymn to God’s Creations.

And here’s Pope Francis’s stance on Animal Protection:

Even the Pope’s dietary regimen is influenced by his respect for animals, and his repulsion for  industrialized factory farming, which is the prime contributor of Greenhouse Gases – the cause of global warming. He is essentially a Vegetarian, and eats mostly organically grown produce, following a simple Jesuit tradition.

Here’s the latest itinerary for the Pontiff’s travels:

I only wish that Pope Francis would come to the west coast, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. After all, like the Pope himself, the city was named after Saint Francis of Assisi!

What are your views on the Pope’s historic visit?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂