4th of July? You kidding? I’m busy with quadruplets!!!!

I have no time for 4th of July “Independence Day”, or fireworks celebrations. Our only celebration is birthing 4 (Yes, Four!) healthy babies who are all actively breastfeeding- getting plenty of mother’s milk! So important to stay well hydrated for the mother, as I’m learning now… OH the sleepless nights, the strange cravings, the demands of newborns – I’m exhausted!  Yikkes, will it ever end??

Yes, when they are all weaned at about 6 weeks! (lol!)

As of today, these “weensie” (term my mom always used), little ones are just 6 days old, and the mother cat is doing fine. So I’m feeling not very “independent” this day, or enjoying my freedom, as I have a solemn responsibility to care for and protect our kitties. This keeps me at home just as much as if I had given birth to them myself (though I’m glad I didn’t!) and really curtails my socializing.

Hey that’s okay with me, as I am a dedicated Pet Mom, and ohmygosh they are soooo adorable!! So my time is taken up with “dependents”, as we have two other cats, a big dog and three birds – whew! 🙂

Pictures of the momma and babies forthcoming, whenever I get a chance. She’s meowing again, and needs me…

It’s a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!