Lucky – In Memoriam 5/10/2014

This day – today – I am in double sadness because it is the anniversary of our dear canine companion, Lucky, who passed away of a heart attack, day before Mother’s Day four years ago. I had just started my Twitter account, and paid tribute to him there, but that’s really not enough to show my deep gratitude to Lucky – not nearly!

The additional sadness is loss of our cat Bodhi very recently, who had to be euthanized April 3rd. I started to write a post for him, but didn’t finish. The hurt is so raw, and I am in the midst of grieving… I cannot bring myself to write about all that I loved about my sweet baby Bodhi. Not just yet, but I will write a beautiful tribute for him and post it here on my blog. Bodhi’s story is unusual and very colorful… But I do have our other beloved kitties to take care of, a house to clean, a husband to feed, etc. Many chores that never seem to get done! But sometimes you just have to stop and reflect on what you feel at the time. Each day comes and goes so quickly. One moment your beloved pet is laying at your feet, nuzzling your hand with his wet nose, the next he’s laying dead down the hall. It was such a shock, and there’s no way I was prepared. It was just after midnight, so we had to wait until morning. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night.

My husband was out of work at the time, so we couldn’t pay to have Lucky cremated and placed in a decorative urn. So his body had to be taken to San Jose Animal Care Center for a “communal cremation”. I’m surprised that I didn’t just “lose it” with this family tragedy, but somehow I kept it together, and we even went to our Mother’s Day celebration at my sister-in-laws house. I am notorious for having a “delayed reaction” to very upsetting events, so I must’ve been in a daze, or denial the whole day long. It took awhile to really sink in that our rescue dog Lucky was gone. All that was left was his collar and pictures to remember him by. His brother, Chance, whom I did write about in a more timely manner (see post, “Chancey Baby – In Memoriam” ) has an attractive urn which is displayed with others from our pets who have lived and loved with us, in our cabinet in the living room. But these “displays” are for our human need to have something of them to cling to. Our pets don’t have any such “needs”. They are beyond that, and when they pass on and cross that veil, they are welcomed into a heavenly domain called “Rainbow Bridge”, where they live in eternal bliss and contentment. And just like with the poem, “Footprints”, the poet who wrote the following is unknown. It is one of the most beautiful and moving poems I have ever read, and always brings tears to my eyes:

There is another version on my other “memoriam” post for Chance, so please enjoy both. I cannot find that perfect picture of Lucky, and I really need to post this now, so I will have to include in a follow-up. Like his brother, he gave unconditional love and affection throughout his life, and I cherished every moment spent with my adorable Lucky! He is romping through the meadows with Chance, deliriously happy and free at Rainbow Bridge. As I said before, there’s no pain, no disease or disability in this beautiful field of eternity, only happiness and contentment. Lucky is in God’s forever care and at peace. Bless you, my brown-eyed beloved!

Thankful Thursday: Lighten Your Load with Gratitude

I am getting a head start on Thanksgiving. 🙂 It’s occurred to me that perhaps we can choose to express our gratitude more often than once a year. Sure, why not? Yes, it is a conscious choice to either dwell on the negative — what’s wrong in the world — or celebrate what’s right in our lives. The latter feels much better!

There is an energetic heaviness with worry, anxiety and frustration. Who needs that? For me it is palpable, as “shouldering the burden” which limits my human potential. I know that the more you connect with the Universe and your own divinity, the more you see goodness and mercy in the world. Besides I am Life Coach, so what I do is consciously guide my clients to use the Law of Attraction to ease the pressure of their day to day lives and bring JOY and contentment to themselves and their loved ones.

My training as a Law of Attraction Life Coach included going through the “Abundance Principle” course, and for 40 consecutive days our class did a daily mediation, and wrote down 10 things we were grateful for each day. And if we missed even one day, we had to start all over again (even if we were on Day 39!) Well, I can honestly tell you that it was getting to be quite a challenge after having listed over 100 things I loved about my life — my healthy, loving husband, supportive friends, etc. I had to get more creative, such as “I’m grateful for seeing a hummingbird this morning.” “I’m grateful for having all my senses – taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell.” I thank God for my singing ability; thank God that I can write beautiful poems…” “Um, uh, I am grateful to the mailman for delivering our mail every day.” (Okay, you know I’m reaching!) And it got to that point, right around the 375th thing I was grateful for – whew! But when I completed the course (didn’t skip a day!) it was well worth it. 🙂

Here’s some of my notes on what I’ve learned, which I am pleased to pass along to you:

“In a dark Universe, the warrior is the one that fights to win and struggles against adversity. In a bright, loving Universe, the change process is very different. It’s not going to war. It’s about finding your belief system, and changing the parts of you that are not in alignment so that you can do it gracefully!

Be willing to be courageous; you have that power to step into ownership in a powerful and profound way so you can shift your reality…

What would you have to believe to create that for yourself? Have your client write down 10 reasons what you’d have to believe and why you created that situation? This is a stream of consciousness… The spiritual truths will come out, and something will shift tremendously for them…”

Here in a nutshell is what I basically offer my coaching clients:

“I know how to see God in the ordinary things of this world, as well as cultivating a view of other people that acknowledges their divinity and innate creativity. These qualities give humans the power to transform their lives from the ordinary to extraordinary with simple methods which I’ve mastered and can easily teach my clients to master as well. Qi Gong is a beautiful healing modality that anyone can learn to heal body, mind and spirit. This practice merges meditation with flowing movements that can make anyone look graceful, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. My LAW OF ATTRACTION Life Coaching practice is essentially faith-based. Besides having faith in God, you believe in yourself. I guide my clients to progressively eliminate doubt, fear, depression and anxiety through use of fun games and flowing “exercises” which bring harmony and balance to your life!”

Now here’s your Call to Action, with this simple, yet powerfully effective exercise:

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and breathe deeply from your abdomen. If you like, place both hands there to feel your belly rise and fall.

Now think about the happiest moment of you life. Remember how grateful you felt at the time – all the ways you felt truly alive and joyful. You believed in your self worth, and so you were aligned with the Universe (without even knowing it at that time) Now within that state of gratitude, fast forward to your present life. How are things different? Take ownership of the circumstances – you have far more control of the situation than you thought possible. Continue breathing deeply, even as you open your eyes…

Stay focused on the present moment, take a pencil/pen and paper to write down why you feel you created your current situation on left side of the paper (NOT a matter of who’s at fault, just witness the part you’ve played in this scenario) You’re coming from a place of neutrality and non-judgment here… Once you’ve finished the first column of “why you created that situation” then write down 10 statements on the right side of the paper, answering this question:  “What would I have to believe about myself in order to shift my reality and create my own ideal scenario, where I feel alive, joyful and empowered?”

I would truly enjoy hearing how you experienced this for yourself!  Remember, be courageous and know that the Universe is a loving place.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!