Gratitude for Scarcity (?)

Since this post today is reflective of our current times, it may not make any sense. I picked an ironic title on purpose, however, these words contain a wealth of meaning. I profess to be a “wordsmith”, but I’m also occasionally a rhyming poet, and always a rambling one, so this is what I see:

Where does the wealth go?

Nature’s abundance in the world. I cannot see it, for the trees,

which are not there because the forests are bare… Shelves are bare in the stores, we can’t get any more…

I cannot go out until I spray paint my hair (to cover up those roots!), or put on a cap and it’s getting too warm for that!

I cannot go on with this silly rhyme, but can’t help myself – do it all the time! (Anyone who knows me, swears this is true!)

Getting serious now, even as I ramble I can see the irony… How can you have an attitude of gratitude when there’s lack and limitation?

Answer: Not only CAN you have that “attitude of gratitude”, but you MUST in order to survive!

WHY?  Because there’s so much Real Wealth in the Natural World, that we humans neglect or simply forget, so…

here’s a gentle reminder:

Roses or any glorious blooms remind us of our budding creativity!

As soon as you shift from the feelings of lack and limitation to abundance, you open up the gateways of your imagination. Better that, than allowing the walls to cave in on you! It’s human nature to appreciate beautiful things, so surround yourself in your home with potted plants, bouquets of flowers, your favorite artifacts or family heirlooms taken out of the mothballs, and proudly displayed wherever you want. Doesn’t matter that no one else will see your household decor. It’s enough that it makes you feel good just looking at your treasures! Oh boy, and if it’s a homemade item created by you or a loved one — a painting, sculpture, or clothing knitted or crocheted by hand, that’s even better. 🙂

In addition, some sage advice to remember: “Health Is Wealth”. Now more than ever, nobody can afford to take their health for granted. Whatever is touted as boosting the immune system is getting loads of press, lots of attention. But the old adage still applies: “Let your food be your medicine; let your medicine be your food.” In other words, we need to be proactive with our health, and not rely solely upon doctors, drugs or think the next “magic pill” will do the trick…

I was just talking to a dear friend of mine, of my parent’s generation, and I was really concerned about her health. She’s had a chronic condition for a long time and wears a neck brace because she fell and injured her head/ spinal column and damaged the Vagus nerve. Here is a definition: “The vagus nerve runs throughout the body and is responsible for the function and regulation of main bodily systems such as the heart and digestive tracts. The vagus nerve is used to regulate a variety of body functions including the heartbeat and the muscle movement necessary to keep you breathing.”  Her courage and stubborn resilience has kept her going, when others would have given up!

Even, being so debilitated, my friend managed to drive quite a distance to a specialist, a doctor highly recommended to her. However, when she mentioned the problem and her symptoms, this doctor said he didn’t know what the “vagus nerve” was – had never heard of that!  What?? How could that be??  After driving over 50 miles to see this so-called “specialist”, she finds out there’s nothing he can do for her! Well, needless to say, she doesn’t have much faith in doctors anymore!  Her faith is in God and His divine plan for her life. I believe that’s how it should be! “Let go and Let God” is one of my favorite mottos, and is very comforting and reassuring. 🙂

We must hold fast to Hope, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Be grateful for what you have. Reach out to others who have far less – the vulnerable members of our society. So this is my CALL TO ACTION:  Sign and Send your Petition for Pandemic Relief to include undocumented immigrants!

Thanks for your care and concern! Bless you, and keep you safe!!