Total Eclipse of Heart, Mind and Spirit

I have been “outed” by this solar eclipse, spanning the United States. The intense thrill, joy, excitement and global connection of a cosmic event is my first experience, as the last eclipse was 38 years ago.

I was away and in hiding for the last several months. This has been such a “trial by fire” for a lot of Americans, so shocking and unexpected that it’s difficult to believe that’s it’s really happening. The easy thing to do is retreat, sink into avoidance mode. I did that for awhile, hoping I’d wake up from this nightmare. But then I open my eyes, and lo and behold the red-headed POTUS is still there!

All this time’s gone by, and I’ve been involved with the Resistance Movement and town hall meetings in my community. There is one coming up with Ro Khanna, who replaced Mike Honda as Representative from California. Because of what’s been going on in our country, I’ve seen people who are boldly expressing themselves and joining in solidarity. I envision this monumental event as a catalyst for moving forward in our determination to honor our country and the world. And like the Bonnie Tyler song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, the Great American Eclipse 2017 is a sensory experience of such huge proportions that you can’t help but be swept up by the grand ceremony, even if you’re just watching TV coverage. Commentary by astrophysicists, incredible views of the moon passing over the sun, throngs of delighted onlookers gazing upward – whoa! What a rush!!!  It really makes you feel humble and respectful of the Universe.

No matter what troubles are wrought in the name of “progress”, the forces of Nature will always prevail. This is what I take away from my own experience of this cosmic spectacle. And it has definitely registered in my heart, mind and spirit, as I’m sure it has in yours as well.