Serene Sunday: A Sneak Peek into My World

I am a Sacred Life Coach, and my intention is to create an oasis of peace where my clients can refresh themselves, be renewed, and finally find deep, lasting contentment. This is an important part of my Divine Life’s purpose, and the reason I wish to be of service as a coach and author. I began this blog to find my own “voice” and have it be truly authentic, so people can get a glimpse of my life’s philosophy. It’s definitely a work-in-progress, very experimental and always “in the moment”, as I love to be spontaneous. My writings are deliberately eclectic and free-flowing because I am that way. 🙂

That gorgeous bouquet of flowers you see on my Home page symbolizes the abundance of beauty all around us. We’ve all been to beautiful places where we can connect with Nature. But the “oasis of peace” I’ve found isn’t any particular place; it resides in your own heart. This photo inspired my blog and I didn’t notice the plastic card holder at first. Then when I looked at it with fresh eyes, it appeared as a stiff, little figure of a man amidst a jungle of blooms. Oh my gosh, what does that mean? Have we hardened our hearts and forsaken the natural world in favor of technology? I can’t believe that such a cynical view defines us as humans. So what I’ve chosen to do is gently guide my clients back to the basics, and help them see the sacredness in all of God’s creations, much as they did as children. Ah, how delightfully refreshing that is!

After a busy, hectic week of appointments and training seminars, come Sunday I just want to kick back and relax. This is serenity at its best! I might see a hummingbird in our backyard, or be laying on the hammock with a good book, or crocheting a baby’s cap for my friend’s first child. I am blissfully refreshed and renewed.