Serene Sunday: Selected Poems to Soothe the Soul :-)

I found these poems through “PoetrySoup”, and I think they are delightfully sweet and soothing. I hope you think so too – Enjoy! ~

Test Of Time

Secrets blowing in the wind

Another gift, another lift

Words whispered from the soul

Echoing in the chamber of my heart

Looking ahead to the dreams we’ll have

It’s what we believe in

No turning back

Chosen —– Frozen

Lost in love

Lost in life

Wiping away all the tears

Soothing all our fears

Together our friendship

will survive the test of time

 by Tim Smith

Inner Peace

Unspoken word

Nothing is heard

Thoughts now deferred

Float in my mind

Safe from all harm

Peaceful and calm

Soothing with balm

Time to unwind

by Jan Allison


Star wishes, fantasies, and dreams

Fairy dust, wool gather, moon beams

Hope and desires coming true

  The day I fell in love with you

Sharing all your secrets

 Comforting all your fears

Soothing all that ails you

Drying away your tears

I live to light up your evenings

Hold you close beneath the stars

Drench myself in your holy waters

The future is finally ours

My love for you gets stronger

the more of you I know

The sun is shining brighter

my love for you now grows

by Tim Smith