Wisdom Wednesday: Humor in Nature’s Little Wonders :-)

Here is another 15 minute “free write”, just as I did 3 weeks ago. Pardon the time lapse, and I have no excuse! My intention is to post on my blog at least twice a week, and I have more than enough material, believe you me! 🙂

Sometimes we find wisdom in unusual places, or from unexpected situations that often go unnoticed. Witness the following, and bear in mind my writing here is free-flowing, unedited, no spell check, and uncensored!

“How doth the busy little bumble bee go about her daily spree? She is heavyweight, not at all lite enough for flight. Does it matter in the least, tho she be quite a tiny beast! Stories say the bumble bee is industrious as can possibly be. She defies the law of gravity by flying high and defty moving from blossum to blossum and fulfilling her dream… The busy little bumblebee is so coordinated and graceful. So why should it matter that she has a fat ass? When you watch this fair creature in action, you have to marvel at her ease and grace, despite her amply endowed midriff. Bees don’t care about that “Fol de Rol” and such a discriminatory frame of mind. Let’s bee more generous about all beings who are larger than “normal” and admire and appreciate their many attributes. There is much to admire about the bumblebee. I have to watch myself around her, lest I get stung. However, I am careful and I don’t bother her, as she goes about her buzzing business, and she probably doesn’t notice me. All bees are hardworkers in the aminal kingdom and always fulfill their purpose each day. They have an innate wisdom and built-in time clock, knowing they have to finish their work before dusk or sundown, and be back at the hive well before dark. That’s why you never see a bee at night. I have encountered them in and around swimming pools. One time, I had to rescue a bee in the water, and get her to safety just outside the pool. I set her down gently, said a prayer and blew on her — what I call the “breath of life”. It would be rather difficult to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a honeybee, wouldn’t it? Anywho, the honeybee did recover and flew away.  I was happy and so relieved.  I had just saved a life~!”

Wisdom Wednesday: The Courage to be Vulnerable?

The following essay was written entirely from my sub-conscious mind. I may have already published it, as it was composed early on in my blogging. It is unrestricted, unedited and free-flowing as purely an exercise in “Free Writing”. It was written in exactly 15 minutes, non-stop by hand, and meant to conquer writer’s block. It worked, because my posts followed thereafter — YAY!

I am starting this new weekly entry for Wednesdays. I’m simply trying it out for fun. This particular topic of “vulnerability” is very relevant these days, and seems to be the latest wise advice from New Age thought leaders. Anyway, it’s uppermost on my mind right now. So here goes…

“Who cares so much that they want others to think they are being authentic and vulnerable? Should we care about that? I’m not so sure and I would bet that most people don’t feel comfortable letting others see them in a vulnerable or compromising state. No sirrie Bob! So why all this emphasis or being vulnerable and transparent? How do you even know if the person is really being like that? maybe it’s nothing more than a clever ruse. Ever stop to think it could be used just to suck people in and fool them? You never know whether or not someone is being truthful about their feeling. Well there is one way to know. Crying. If the person gets chocked up and hesitant, feeling self-conscious, then chances are they’re truly genuine and not pretending. You can fake laughter, as you hear that all the time, with laugh tracks for silly TV shows that aren’t all that funny. But crying is such a visceral sensation, that it’s virtually impossible to imitate the sound without giving yourself away as an imposter. And we all really dislike being shafted or fooled in any way, shape or form don’t we?

So the point of all this is that vigilence is the price of liberty, or in other words, watch out for dishonest types that will do their level best to fool you and make you feel like a fool, which no one likes and we usually do our best to avoid. This being vigilant (actually eternal vigilance) is something that we need to cultivate, especially now with the threats against our most sacred possession — our identity. You wouldn’t want someone stealing your identity and getting away with it, would you? Heck no! so we must perforce be on alert at all times, so we can nip the evil doers and cyberthieves in the bud. That is so vital to our physical and psychological safety and I’m sure few people would disagree. There is so much to be aware of these days, and the more thoughtful and cautious we are, the better off everyone will be in the scheme of things. Amen!”

I guess I’m being “vulnerable” in allowing this flawed draft to be viewed. But it’s all the name of “authenticity” isn’t it? What do you think about this topic? I would love to know!