Thankful Thursday: What Inconvenience Are You Grateful For?

The Idea: Living in times where instant gratification is fast becoming the norm, we run the risk of losing out on the gems of insight and experience that lie beneath the surface of seeming inconveniences. Today, take time to reflect on (and perhaps write about) something in your life that on the surface may seem like a tiresome chore or an unwelcome event, but that has yielded unanticipated richness. Things like long lines, broken dishwashers, traffic jams and no phone service can lead you into unexpected adventures, if you only take the time to rightly consider them. For inspiration here is a lovely passage by Margaret Wheatley that invites us to play along with The Element of Surprise in life, that often comes disguised as inconvenience.

Let us know what you think, and your own story would be most welcomed. 🙂


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