Serene Sunday: Mother Nature’s Hidden Eyes and Ears

I have proof positive that plants can TALK…and actually HEAR what’s going on around them. What?! you say… That’s ridiculous! Without mouths, without ears???

Not only that, but we humans can communicate with them! It takes time and patience, but well worth the effort. 🙂

Charles Darwin, 150 years ago, imagined a world far busier, noisier and more intimate than the world we can see and hear. Our senses are pitifully weak. The world is buzzing all around us. Darwin sensed this. “Let it be borne in mind how infinitely close-fitting are the mutual relations of all organic beings to each other,” he wrote. He was speaking of the intricate web of life — the interrelationship of animal, plant, mineral kingdoms and lively interplay of communication which we humans generally ignore. Darwin was way ahead of his time. He must have been, to give in to wild imaginings of talking plants and earthworm wisdom!

Fast forward 145 years, and you have another “man ahead of his time” with a film about strange blue people living in a rainforest and referring to a big tree as their “mother”. Avatar was a landmark film that showcased Nature’s intricate web of interdependent life. Director James Cameron’s message was that human beings CAN live in peace and harmony with other species. The magnificent “Tree of Souls” nurtured the Na’vi people and protected them. In return, these grateful Na’vi maintained the sacred space, worshiped and prayed at their jungle altar. This is literally Mother Nature communicating with her beloved children! Her forest was a living, breathing entity pulsing with life supporting itself. Can you imagine living at this level of consciousness and awareness? And when it was threatened with modern technology, this powerful natural intelligence with help of the Na’vi tribe, fought back in ways that I can’t even adequately describe. You’d have to see the movie.

Back in real life… We don’t exactly live in a world like Pandora, but there is an efficient ecosystem within our earth’s forests called Mycorrhizal Networks. It’s how trees and other plants communicate, and it’s with fungus! But before you scrunch up your nose and say, “Yucch!” just know that we have Mother Trees safeguarding these systems in forests throughout the world. Each one sustains all the other plants by means of a sophisticated network of fungi. These white fungal threads transport critical nutrients underground from overstory trees to roots of seedlings. Walk through a forest and pay close attention to the bustling activity of this mighty matrix… You’ll also see them at work in the movie Avatar. Again, Cameron’s salient message is that we MUST conserve the Mother Tree. Without her our delicate forest ecosystems can’t survive — that’s a sobering fact.

Come see what this strange lifesaver looks like:

You get my drift. Some species don’t need a mouth for talking, ears for hearing, or eyes for seeing for that matter. Most of us have heard of telepathic communication with animals. With plants, it’s much the same. You can simply tune into their frequency, ask a simple question of the flower, bush, fruit tree, and the “answer” comes in feelings and images… It’s a pleasant way to pass the time. Even if you don’t “get anything”, you’ll feel a sense of peace and contentment.

Darwin said our human senses are weak. That may be so, but like muscles you can exercise your senses to make them stronger. There is life teeming all around us, in the earth, up in the trees. Just be aware, engage your 5 senses — See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell this incredible natural world. Plants like cabbage can emit a volatile gas, namely “methyl jasmonate”, that warns their vegetative brethren that a herbivore is in the ‘hood — annoying things like caterpillars or garden shears. In flower beds, their roots are clicking merrily away, sending key signals out. Corn husks rub against each other in the fields, creating loud vibrations (gives whole new meaning to “ear of corn”!).

Oh my gosh, we’re living in the midst of a huge biological Internet!!  Kinda makes you want to get out of your chair, go outside and breathe some fresh air. 🙂

So the next time you stop and smell the roses, be sure you speak to them too!

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