Banish Writer’s Block: Could You Be My Dream Reader?

I would say that my “dream reader” loves to challenge prevailing notions, taking a fresh look at a popular topic. He/she is an avid writer/blogger as well as reader, and doesn’t hesitate to turn an issue inside out and examine every angle, assuming it’s an interesting enough topic in the first place…

This particular topic is one that’s crucial to really understand. Let’s no longer pay “lip service” to it like the news media does, but instead sincerely deal with the ramifications of such a profile for individuals.

We’ve all heard how important it is to be open and vulnerable, as that reveals your true self to the world. It’s all about being “authentic”, so your audience knows who they’re dealing with. In speaking onstage and doing webinars to promote yourself, the advice on how to be most effective always comes down to that: Be Vulnerable! Only then can your audience or listeners relate to you. You are establishing common ground, which is important so people know you are a flawed human being, like the rest of us. That’s all well and good, and it sounds like reasonable advice to someone who wants very much to put themselves “out there”. But then you have to ask, “Where does all this openness and vulnerability leave me?” Well, that’s a thorny issue. In this day and age, with violence occurring in the least likely places, and families being out of touch (literally lacking physical touch, as we’re connected through mobile devices now) the reality doesn’t exactly measure up in a supportive fashion. Ah, but when you’re a writer, shielded behind your computer, with flying fingers across the keyboard, you can certainly be “open, vulnerable and authentic” in a safer way than say podium speakers in a crowded auditorium. The Internet makes it possible to reach millions of people without ever going out your front door. That’s truly amazing, when you stop to think about it. We’ve successfully leveled the playing field (to some extant) between big wig corporations and small businesses. When it comes to influencing minds and hearts, one person actually CAN make a difference. 😀

My idea of being vulnerable and authentic is not necessarily “telling all” as in a juicy expose (unless you’re into that sort of thing). It’s more of an honest revelation of your feelings on a subject in a calm, dispassionate manner that invites others to comment in the same way. Not everyone wants to share personal trivia about their family or where/when they grew up. It isn’t relevant most of the time, so who cares? In my spiritual coaching practice, I suggest my clients “drop their story” usually when they seem to be over-invested in the past drama of their lives. Be the “ever-present witnessing awareness” as Deepak Chopra says, and cultivate non-attachment to outcome of your endeavors. That is the most “authentic” way anyone can truly be!

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