Banish Writer’s Block: Being in the Flow of God’s Grace

I wonder at times if there might possibly be a shortcut to receiving God’s Grace. In what way do we need to be deserving of His beneficence? Or is there any way we can give ourselves wholeheartedly to prayer and/or meditation that will give us a leg up, as it were, to God’s good graces? This begs the question of whether meditation or pray[er]ful contemplation is the quickest easiest route to God’s favor. Can each of us in our own way seek heavenly help without any particular method? (I think that’s what I wrote; spilled water on “particular”). Another question arises: What if simply feeling in a certain way that opens our hearts to compassionate feeling for others is enough to grant us peace of mind, gladness of heart or serenity of the soul? I can’t help but feel there is a simpler way to God’s grace and inner peace that doesn’t necess[ar]ily involve any kind of meditation practice or magical word uttered in praying at the altar. I’m considering the good works of one of the most compassionate souls who ever walked this earth — Mother Theresa. She undoubtably [undoubtedly] prayed each day for God’s guidance and I’m sure received His grace many times over. But it was the acts of kindness and her freely shed tears of sorrow over the neverending [never-ending] plight of the extremely poor people of Calcutta that opened the door to the grace and love of God. Every tear that rolled down her wrinkled, careworn face was a testament to the Lord’s presence on earth. No doubt she intuitively knew that. M.T. [correct spelling “Mother Teresa”] didn’t have to do anything other than devote herself to comforting (probably the word, but other side of paper spill) the poor, sick and elderly to win God’s favor, if you can even call it that. She didn’t have to exactly earn karma points, but if anyone happened to be keeping score, she would have earned more points than you could ever imagine… If those points were dollars,, M.T. would have a bank account 10x that of Bill Gates and W.B. [Warren Buffet] combined, and then some!


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