Banish Writer’s Block: Be Uncensored and Free Flowing

What are we supposed to do in the wake of Robin William’s tragic life ending? I don’t even want to say death since that means an ultimate, irreversible end to someone’s life on Earth. Well that’s what it is, and no need to be politically correct or find some euphemism for this great loss. How one person can make such an impact on the world never ceases to amaze me. Like Nelson Mandella, or Ghandi [Gandhi], this comedic actor has managed to go beyond the stated “occupation” and become a living legend or icon, yes like Marilyn Monroe too. With political figures and entertainment professionals, we tend to view them as larger than life. That’s a mistake. Why? In each case, with Nelson, Mahatma, Marilyn and Robin (the differences in personalities notwithstanding) are fragile humans, subject to the same dilemma and heartaches as we all are. Fame offers no protection from the visisistudes [vicissitudes] of life. And no matter how wealthy and successful a person becomes, they always need their mother (hunh?) Let’s use this in a broader sense: needing motherly love, and it must come from someone, or else this monumentally successful, powerful person will turn into [a] quivering jelly of conflicting emotions and states of depression (good bad writing!). I could go on and on about the sheer comic genius of Robin Williams, and his kindness and generousity [generosity] toward others, acts of random kindness, that bespoke his proclivity to spontaneous behavior. His own community in Suausilito [Sausalito] got to know Robin very well, and he was always a delight to schmooze with. It seems he never turned off his charm or really relaxed with people, and let his more sombre side come thru [through]. That would have [been] fine with most people. Nobody’s bright, cheery and upbeat all the time! He put himself under such pressure to be “on” all the time… Maybe when he rode his bike around town, he chilled out a bit, or doing what some celebs do which is dress to look ordinary and non-descript (no hyphen!), [like] wear a hat and dark glasses. The constant recognition does wear them down, and the more famous the person, the more they need a break from it all… Unfortunately, Robin Williams’ break was a “breakdown” that lead to him taking a permanent siesta. Sorry I’m being so glib, but if I don’t I will breakdown and cry. (Darn, I cried anyway!)

Banish Writer’s Block 1st Blog: Let Freedom Sing!

What does the word “freedom” really mean? Let’s break it down, as I am fascinated with the origins of words. Others which intrigue me are kingdom, kinship, relationship, friendship… See the pattern? These words all end in “dom” or “ship”. So the first word, “freedom” is a real enabler because the very pronunciation of this word makes you feel that way. Try it! Say the word aloud. Feel into it and let the meaning wash over you, and sink into your pores – FREEDOM. It almost makes you want to deepen your voice and sound like that guy who sang “Ol’ Man River” in the musical “Showboat”. Just remembered his name: Paul Robson. Listen to that song, for it will resonate with your soul. But I digress – or do I? Maybe that song is about more than a river flowing along. Could it be about freedom to move as you choose? Let’s think about that [for] a moment. Words are tools for communication, which we humans rely upon for all facets of our lives. But what if we were all told to sing our words, instead of just speaking them? Well now, I know that you’re thinking, “I can’t sing.” OK I have news for you. It doesn’t matter the least bit whether or not you have a good voice. If you simply start humming, which that is a beautiful way to vibrate not only your voice box, but your entire body as well. It feels absolutely wonderful doesn’t it? [You can] just with everyday speech start singing — any notes, any timbre or tone. You will find that instinct will kick in and soon you’ll be singing like a bird! It’s fun to experiment with that exercise, and in so doing the word FREEDOM (make it part of your lyrics) will start to take shape beyond the definition and your whole body will FEEL the true meaning and spirit of that beautiful word. It embodies what we cherish most in this country, and sparks controversy and political unrest in other countries. Kind of makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it? [Please] don’t make that word into something political or contentious. Remember that phrase: “It is the spirit of the law, more so than the letter of the law”. Let that be a beacon of light which liberates you such that anytime you speak of freedom and/or the liberties we are blessed with, you feel the true meaning in your heart.